News 2016


EuUG - European User Group Conference for Enterprise and Cloud Data Protection

August 2016

Credit-Suisse, Keyon AG, and UBS are happy to invite you to the European User Group Conference for Enterprise and Cloud Data Protection on September 22. / 23. 2016.

Dan Plastina, Head Data Protection at Microsoft, and his team will showcase the latest solutions and current roadmaps in data classification and data encryption for applications, laptops, and mobile devices on-premise and in the cloud.

EuUG - Invitation



July 2016

Certificate Enrollment- and Signing Services for the Cloud

A presentation with a view behind the scenes of a successful collaboration between Gemalto, Keyon AG, and QuoVadis. Martin Christinat, CTO at Keyon, will be speaking at the Mövenpick Hotel in Zurich on September 15.

DIGS DC Day 2016


Microsoft PKI unleashed for SITel

July 2016

The lifecycle of digital certificates must be managed accordingly. To gain an overview of these certificates and their status as well as an easy renewal and revocation process, the Office for IT and telecommunications (SITel) required a solution that would enhance their existing Microsoft PKI. Keyon successfully extended the Microsoft PKI features with their product line.

Unlease Microsoft PKI for SITel


SIGS Technology Summit

May 2016

Rene Eberhard, CEO of Keyon AG, will speak on June 16, 2016, at the PostFinance Arena in Bern about the importance of data classification.

SIGS Technology Summit 2016


Update true-Xtender RA

April 2016

Keyon released the update of the successful true-Xtender RA. The new version 2.7 includes numerous innovations and improvements, implemented at our customers’ suggestion.

Unleash MS PKI


Splunk + Azure RMS logs = Great insights!

March 2016

Rene G. Eberhard, CEO of Keyon has been interviewed by Dan Plastina who leads the Information Protection team at Microsoft. Take a look at the official RMS team blog and get more information about the great partnering with Microsoft and the powerful solution which visualizes Azure RMS events in Splunk®.

true-Xtended Reporting for Microsoft RMS


Update SuisseID Signing Service

February 2016

The new true-Sign V Client is delivered with a trueSignP11.dll file, which allows the authentication through the Firefox browser.

The SuisseID Signing Service also supports the Open eGov LocalSigner, a signing solution offered by the Swiss Confederation.



Enterprise PKI of the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (MGB)

January 2016

The Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund put the focus on certificate-based authentication and encryption as part of the renewal of all new Windows workstations. The goal was the fully automated issuance and management of user certificates, as well as a role-based cockpit for processes and status inquiries.



true-Xtended Reporting for Microsoft Rights Management

January 2016

true-Xtended Reporting for Microsoft Rights Management is a comprehensive cockpit for visualizing AD RMS, Azure RMS and Secure Islands IQProtector based events using Splunk®.

The free version for Azure RMS can be obtained in the Splunkbase.

Akquisition von Secure Islands durch Microsoft


Update true-Xtender Luna SA Monitor Service

January 2016

The true-Xtender Luna SA Monitor Service can be used to monitor physical and virtual partitions in High Availability (HA) mode. The latest update supports SHA-2 based signatures as well as version 6.1 of the Luna SA Appliance Software.

Unleash MS PKI


Acquisition of Secure Islands by Microsoft

January 2016

On December 11, 2015, Microsoft finalized the acquisition of the market leader in data protection technology. This acquisition accelerates the ability to help customers to secure their business data, regardless of the location – across internal systems, on Microsoft Cloud Services such as Azure and Office 365, on third-party services, and on any Windows, iOS, or Android device.

Akquisition of Secure Islands by Microsoft


Repeated top rating for 2016

January 2016

“We are delighted to be rated with top scores by Dun & Bradstreet since 2011,” said Markus Isler, CFO of Keyon. “It proves that Keyon is a solid company with a solid foundation and therefore a reliable and long-term partner for its customers.”

The D&B Rating Certificate is the quality certification mark for commerce and stands for both reliability and stability.

D&B top rating 2016