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Cloud Enables Next Generation Compliance and Governance

June 2019

Rene Eberhard, CEO of Keyon AG, speaks at the 6th Higher Education Cloud Day on August 22, 2019, in the University of Bern. He highlights in his presentation practical experiences and major topics which need to be considered in order to adopt processes to the cloud.

The use of cloud services requires an adaption of existing compliance and governance processes. On the one hand, the relationship to a cloud provider considering legal, organizational, and technical aspects needs to be defined. On the other hand, cloud services offer a number of security and compliance controls which need to be integrated into existing frameworks.

Agenda - 6th HECD


Workshop - Managing Shadow IT with MCAS

June 2019

Based on cloud resources, business requirements can be implemented quickly and agilely. IT innovations increasingly arise in specialist departments without the involvement of the central IT organization. This increases the risk of compliance requirements either not being met or inadequately being met. Companies are required to take an inventory of all cloud resources used, evaluate them on a risk basis, and control their use with regard to the protection of data and identities. Based on practical scenarios, the workshop will show how shadow IT can be discovered and managed with Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) and how compliance can be monitored, using reports, and enforced with technical and organizational measures.

Register now for the Shadow IT Workshop on June 26 and learn more about this topic.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 8:30am - 12am

Microsoft Schweiz GmbH
Richtistrasse 3
8304 Wallisellen

Shadow IT Workshop - June 26, 2019


true-Xtender RA support for ACME

May 2019

Keyon enhances the true-Xtender Registration Authority with the ACME Service. The Service provides the ACME protocol as a standardized interface for the automated certificate management.

true-Xtender RA


Enterprise-ready digital signatures

March 2019

A major financial services company processes a significant amount of documents using digital signatures. To facilitate maintenance of the existing solution, the customer opted for an off-the-shelf solution with the capability to adapt to their enterprise-specific formats and a first-class service level agreement.

Success Story true-Sign


O365 and Azure security - Panel discussion

February 2019

Rene Eberhard, CEO of Keyon AG, takes part in the panel discussion with Microsoft and Secude on March 14, 2019 at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

The discussion should highlight how Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is achieved with classification and encryption of data in relation to SAP reports (unstructured data export, e.g. PDF, Excel files, etc.) and CAD data based on Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP).

SECUDE Event - Lucerne


Enterprise-ready certificate management

February 2019

A leading global organization for integrated solutions in the pharma and healthcare sector increased the use of digital certificates, which required an automated certificate management as well as a solution to migrate their internal PKI to new security standards. The cost/benefit ratio were important factors in choosing the solution.

Success Story MS PKI


Windows 10 security concept

February 2019

A leading Swiss insurance company planned to roll out Windows 10 to their users. As part of this project, Keyon was engaged to support the company in the elaboration of a modern security concept based on the latest Windows 10 security features, company-internal compliance provisions, and best practice security standards.

Success Story Windows 10 security concept


Top rating continued in 2019

January 2019

“We are delighted to be rated with top scores by Dun & Bradstreet since 2011,” said Markus Isler, CFO of Keyon. “It proves that Keyon is a solid company with a solid foundation and therefore a reliable and long-term partner for its customers.”

The D&B Rating Certificate is the quality certification mark for commerce and stands for both reliability and stability.

D&B top rating 2019