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true-Advice Securities Settlement by keyon

September 2020

True-Advice Settlement converts core data of securities orders into SWIFT messages, enriches them with customizable standard settlement instructions (SSI – a broker’s standard custody data) and sends the settlement instruction in realtime to Credit Suisse, where the transaction is handled on a “straight-through” basis.

The goal is to eliminate the legacy manual data compilation and transmission for all of our client types that use third-party brokers (e.g. EAM, Asset Manager, Family office).

The client can keep track of the status of the messages sent to Credit Suisse and any issues which might occur are directly shown in the user interface.

true-Advice Securities Settlement

Keyon is the newest member of the Swiss IT Security Group

July 2020

We are pleased to be the newest member of the Swiss IT Security Group (SITS). As part of further growth, the Swiss IT Security Group, together with the managing partners, takes over 100% of the Keyon's shares.

We are convinced that the new group membership will enable us to offer our customers additional services and that the partnership with the SITS Group will provide Keyon and therefore our customers and employees with a large and immediate added value.

Shadow IT

Workshop - Managing Shadow IT with MCAS

 June 2020

Based on cloud resources, business requirements can be implemented quickly and agilely. IT innovations increasingly arise in specialist departments without the involvement of the central IT organization. This increases the risk of compliance requirements either not being met or inadequately being met. Companies are required to take an inventory of all cloud resources used, evaluate them on a risk basis, and control their use with regard to the protection of data and identities. Based on practical scenarios, the workshop will show how shadow IT can be discovered and managed with Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) and how compliance can be monitored, using reports, and enforced with technical and organizational measures.

Please contact us for Workshops in English.

Shadow IT

Top rating continued in 2020

January 2020

“We are delighted to be rated with top scores by Dun & Bradstreet since 2011,” said Markus Isler, CFO of Keyon. “It proves that Keyon is a solid company with a solid foundation and therefore a reliable and long-term partner for its customers.”

The D&B Rating Certificate is the quality certification mark for commerce and stands for both reliability and stability.

D&B top rating 2019

EuUG panel discussion

January 2020

Rene Eberhard, CEO of Keyon took part in the EUUG panel discussion on the topic “Data classification and protection in O365 - Design & Architecture Topics”.

About EUUG: The European User Group (EuUG) for Enterprise & Cloud Data Protection is an open forum for institutions using or interested in using Microsoft Cloud technology, including Azure and the Office365 Services, with a focus on Information Protection. The EuUG collaborated closely with senior Microsoft product management leads, to develop and influence the Microsoft product roadmap to incorporate and enhance information security core design requirements.

D&B top rating 2019