Success Stories


Secure collaboration with Intune

The BKW Group’s Europe-wide acquisition of several companies and the continuously increasing mobility demands made it necessary to adjust their IT infrastructure in order to encourage and ensure secure collaboration across all affiliated companies and within the BKW Group itself. Therefore, they decided to invest in a Microsoft based solution. The focus was on improving collaboration, regardless of the device types, app types, and the location.

Success Story BKW Intune


Enterprise-ready digital signatures

A major financial services company processes a significant amount of documents using digital signatures. To facilitate maintenance of the existing solution, the customer opted for an off-the-shelf solution with the capability to adapt to their enterprise-specific formats and a first-class service level agreement.

Success Story true-Sign


Enterprise-ready certificate management

A leading global organization for integrated solutions in the pharma and healthcare sector increased the use of digital certificates, which required an automated certificate management as well as a solution to migrate their internal PKI to new security standards. The cost/benefit ratio were important factors in choosing the solution.

Success Story MS PKI


Windows 10 security concept

A leading Swiss insurance company planned to roll out Windows 10 to their users. As part of this project, Keyon was engaged to support the company in the elaboration of a modern security concept based on the latest Windows 10 security features, company-internal compliance provisions, and best practice security standards.

Success Story Windows 10 security concept


Asset management simplified at Credit Suisse

Keyon, in collaboration with Credit Suisse, offers a secure and leading-edge connectivity suite, designed to automatically exchange transactions, positions, and master data feed (CMD).



Wealth management by Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse’s Private swift Network (PsN) enables external asset managers, high-net-worth individuals, as well as corporate and institutional clients, to exchange SWIFT-formatted messages, without the cost and infrastructure of a SWIFT membership. With the integrated true-Broker from Keyon, these messages are sent and received automatically, promptly, securely, and in a customizable and easy-to-read format.



Microsoft PKI unleashed for SITel

The lifecycle of digital certificates must be managed accordingly. To gain an overview of these certificates and their status as well as an easy renewal and revocation process, the Office for IT and telecommunications (SITel) required a solution that would enhance their existing Microsoft PKI. Keyon successfully extended the Microsoft PKI features with their product line.

Unlease Microsoft PKI for SITel


Enterprise PKI of the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (MGB)

The Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund put the focus on certificate-based authentication and encryption as part of the renewal of all new Windows workstations. The goal was the fully automated issuance and management of user certificates, as well as a role-based cockpit for processes and status inquiries.