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Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

Keyon is Thales platinum partner and provides first class consulting and integration services in this area. We are focused on:

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General purpose HSM


Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are hardened, tamper-resistant hardware devices that strengthen encryption practices by generating keys, encrypting and decrypting data, and creating and verifying digital signatures.

Network HSM



Luna Network HSM

Data Protection

Centrally manage your encryption keys and ultimately own your data with SafeNet KeySecure, the industry leading enterprise key management platform. Regardless of its location, be it stored in a database, file server, application, traditional or virtualized data center, or public cloud environment, your sensitive data is secure from compromise.

SafeNet Key Secure

Enterprise- and multi cloud key management


CipherTrust Data Security Platform enables organizations to centrally manage encryption keys for Thales and third party products. It simplifies key lifecycle management tasks, including secure key generation, backup/restore, clustering, deactivation, and deletion. It provides role-based access control to keys and policies, multitenancy support, and robust auditing and reporting of all key management and encryption operations.

CipherTrust Manager provides centralized key management for multiple on-premises data
stores and cloud infrastructures such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware and more

CipherTrust Manager