Securosys HSM

Keyon provides together with the HSMs from Securosys Swiss quality software and hardware for secure cryptographic encryption.

The hardware security module (HSM) is a hardware module for the secure generation, storage and management of keys or passwords. Administrative processes can be distributed to several people. All critical operations, such as encryption, resp. decryption of data occurs within the HSM. Standardized interfaces allow easy integration into your infrastructure.

Keyon is a Securosys partner and we assist you with the planning, integration and support of the Securosys hardware security modules.

Overview HSM


Securosys HSM Primus X-Series

The Primus X-Series HSM from Securosys generates encryption keys, stores them, and manages the distribution of these keys. Besides key management, it also performs authentication and encryption tasks. Multiple Primus HSMs can be grouped together to support redundancy and load balancing. At the same time, each device can be partitioned for multiple users.

Units of the Primus X-Series are available in different performance classes: X200, X400 X700 and X1000. The number indicates how many RSA-4096 operations the device can perform per second. The highest performance class X1000 delivers up to 1200 RSA-4096 signatures per second, or 4000 RSA-2048 operations.

Keys are generated through different noise mechanisms in two separate true random number generation modules (TRNG). These are based on different physical noise processes: temperature noise and diode noise.


Devices from the X-Series support various cryptographic algorithms:

  • Symmetric (AES, 3DES, Camellia)
  • Asymmetric (RSA, ECC, Diffie-Hellman)
  • Hashing (SHA-2, SHA-3)

The X-Series includes ultra-secure network appliances with multiple tamper sensors and tamper mechanisms:

  • Ultra-secure micro vault in dedicated security chip
  • Dynamic architecture
  • Prepared for quantum computer (Algorithm update via software / firmware upgrade)
Securosys HSM Primus X-Series

Decanus - Remote access device for Primus HSM X-Series

Decanus, the remote access device, lets you manage your HSMs - including adding applications, upgrading firmware, checking status, and more - without having to be on site.

Securosys Decanus