Secure email communication

A worldwide trend towards stricter data privacy law and compliance standards require enhanced security requirements for the electronic communication of business. Violations of regulatory systems (HIPAA, SOX, DPD and Basel III), or the loss of valuable internal information are fined and result in economic damage and loss of trust on the customer and business partner side. In particular the email traffic turns out to be the week spot regarding data privacy. In fact, most violations of guidelines go back to lack of email security.

The FIPS 140-2 validated totemomail® product family offers the best conditions for adherence to compliance standards and their control through audits. The solution is also optimized for mobile devices.

We are your partner in the conceptual design, implementation and integration of a secure email communication. With the totemomail® product family, all emails can be consistently encrypted from sender to receiver.

  • Automated certificate and key management
  • Automatic user registration
  • Simple definition of security policies
  • Easy administration via graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive automatic reporting
  • Facilitated implementation of compliance requirements

totemomail® Encryption Gateway

One of the core functions of the automated solution includes encryption for transmission of all emails including delivery confirmation, the identification of the sender, ensuring message integrity and that the message is not revocable.

When sending an email to an external receiver the totemomail® Encryption Gateway checks its credentials. If he's already known to the solution, the message is encrypted accordingly and signed. If the recipient doesn't use his own encryption technology, the totemomail® Encryption Gateway then offers alternative secure delivery methods.

totemomail® Internal Encryption

The innovative module totemomail® Internal Encryption enables encryption of confidential messages within corporate networks without additional software or plug-ins for email clients.

The module can be used in addition to totemomail® Encryption Gateway or as a stand-alone solution. This means that all emails can be consistently encrypted from sender to receiver.

totemomail® Hybrid Encryption

A hybrid encryption solution secures the transmission of confidential emails from sender to internal or external recipient. totemo offers the most powerful and innovative all-in-one solution totemomail® Hybrid Encryption. It can be easily integrated into any existing IT infrastructure and consists of the totemomail® Encryption Gateway and the deployable as a standalone product module totemomail® Internal Encryption.

The communication doesn't get interrupted even with partners without their own encryption solution: This is taken care of by the in the gateway integrated modules totemomail® WebMail und totemomail® PushedPDF.