SuisseID Signing Service by QuoVadis

With the SuisseID Signing Service, electronic signatures can be created without the use of smart cards or USB token. This allows flexible signature processes on mobile or local devices as well as in central workflow applications.

The SuisseID Signing Service is based on the established true-Sign platform from the company Keyon AG.

SuisseID goes Business

Simple and transparent handling, flexible registration and rollout processes as well as a simple and cost-effective integration are key success factors in order to meet the varied requirements of the businesses. The SuisseID Signing Service by QuoVadis addresses all of these requirements and enables business processes to electronically sign at any time according to the Swiss Signature Act (ZertES), without media breaks, regardless of location, time or device.

SuisseID Signing Service by QuoVadis

SuisseID Signing Service by QuoVadis

The SuisseID Signing Service is integrated into a company's infrastructure in a simple manner and is used as a service via the accredited public certificate provider QuoVadis. The identification process prescribed by the Swiss Signature Act for issuing qualified certificates is in-house performed by QuoVadis. As alternative, proof of identity can be done through the post office, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) or the residential community.

Shortly after receiving the necessary documents QuoVadis provides you with the key material, the SuisseID certificates and the signature service. This can be easily installed on a local device or accessed through a browser to a central service. The documents to be signed never leave the company's boundaries. Only the calculated hash values and the authentication information is securely transmitted to the Swiss Trust Center QuoVadis.


Advantages and features

  • SuisseID compliant without smart card or USB token
  • Digitally sign PDF, PDF/A and Microsoft Office documents (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)
  • No loss or damage to the certificate carrier
  • Strong two-factor authentication
  • No portal integration or additional infrastructure required
  • For all Windows applications with signature functionality immediately available
  • Qualified timestamp integrable
  • Service from the Swiss Trust Center
  • Complies with the requirements of the legislator (ZertES, OElDI, GeBüV)

Tried and tested technology

The SuisseID Signing Service is based on the established true-Sign platform from the company Keyon AG, which is used by many medium and large companies in the area of corporate signatures, or legally valid signatures according to ElDI-V or GeBüV. Since 2012 SIX Terravis AG successfully uses the SuisseID Signing Service by QuoVadis for their platform, which enables business operations between the offices of deeds, commercial registry offices, banks and notaries.